At Hulley Woodworking, we work with our clients, providing as much personal service as the client requires. We strive to meet each client’s particular needs, mating custom design with personal taste, lifestyle, and budget. We also work well with interior designers, and can even refer you to any of the designers we’ve worked with and recommend with confidence.

Invest in Timeless Design
An investment in custom furniture that is designed with current and future uses in mind is often more cost-effective than many clients realize. Too often, ready-made furniture requires compromises on style, color and finish, materials, accessories, and how the piece fits into a particular space. In many cases, ready-made furniture lacks features that are important to the client. At some point in time, the furniture no longer meets their needs, and must be replaced. Custom designed furniture allows the client to select exactly what they want and need, and allows them to plan for the future use of the piece.

Custom Craftsmanship
The custom furniture client need not be discouraged by the seemingly overwhelming number of choices. Our years of experience enables us to guide you in the selection of materials, colors, finishes, designs, hardware, and accessories that best suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We will work with you to design a solution that works for you.

Contact John Hulley today to discuss your specific custom design.

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