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This contemporary wall unit uses seamless wall-wall, and wall-ceiling integration (no molding used to cover up seams at wall or ceiling). Custom designed around two 36 gallon fish tanks, and functionally integrated into a very large space (19ft wide x 8ft high). The unit cleverly reduces the amount of exposed brick in the fireplace, creating much better balance and proportion, without losing valuable storage space.

• low voltage lighting recessed into mantel shelf and upper bookcase over mantel.
• quartered figured maple veneer, with a clear finish to highlight the natural grain, figure and beauty of the maple.
• veneer cut to form a herringbone pattern from top to bottom and all the way across the cabinets.
• custom stainless steel trays under tanks for leakage protection.
• removable access panels around tanks for feeding and maintenance.
• touch-latch doors, and adjustable shelving.

Hulley Woodworking Company

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