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Working from published photos of furniture designed for the Gamble House by 20th century architects, brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, we created our own version of an existing piece. While staying true to the original design and crafting this table out of solid Honduras mahogany, using authentic joinery techniques and solid Gaboon ebony inlays, there are certain finer points of design that differ from the table the Greenes devised. In fact, there are no cocktail tables in the Gamble House that are at all similar to ours.

• color developed to match the original piece using Hulley Custom Color™ stain, tone, and lacquer finish.
• highly figured Honduras mahogany veneer for the tabletop panel.
• open grained finish, hand-rubbed with steel wool to soften look

Initial design concept by John Brandon, Aerie Design Service; design refined and revised by Hulley Woodworking, as part of our "Arts & Crafts Furniture Collection".

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